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Upcoming Events


Institute for Biophysical Dynamics Seminar: James Shorter
November 14th: 12:00pm, GCIS W301/303
“Reversing aberrant phase transitions of RNA-binding proteins connected to ALS & FTD”

Cellular Molecular Neuro Super Group
November 17th: 4:00pm, SBRI P-400
An informal seminar series of labs with molecular and cellular neurosciences interests

Neuro Social
November 17th: 5:00pm Green Room, J-400C
Hosted by the Margoliash lab

Grossman Special Seminar: Alexander Huk
November 27th: 10:00am, KCBD 1103
“Some New Perspectives on Motion Processing”

CON Seminar: Z. Jimmy Zhou
November 30th: 12:30 to 1:30pm, BSLC 001
“Functional circuits of dual-transmitter interneurons in the retina”