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Upcoming Events

March Events:


March 21st: Postdoc Seminar
12:30pm, 5812 S. Ellis, P-403
Bing Liu, PhD (Osborne Lab): “Efficiency and ambiguity of adaptive coding in MT area”

March 23rd: Translational Neuroscience Seminar
12:00pm, 5812 S. Ellis, P-403
Denise Fitzgerald, PhD (Queen’s University Belfast): “Emerging regenerative functions of regulatory T cells in the CNS; more than just inflammatory brakes!”

March 30th: CNS Seminar
12:00pm, BSLC 001
Dan Butts, PhD
Hosted by Sliman Bensmaia


April Events:


April 1st: Chicago SFN Annual Meeting
8:00am, Northwestern Memorial Hospital

April 3rd: Student Talks
12:00pm, 5812 S. Ellis, P-403

April 5th: CNS Seminar
12:00pm, BSLC 001
Damon Clark, Ph.D. (Yale University)
Hosted by Stephanie Palmer, Ph.D.

April 5th: Neuroscience Talk
2:00pm, 5812 S. Ellis, P-403
Damon Clark, PhD (Yale University): “Neural computations in Drosophila’s motion detection pathways”

April 6th: CNS Seminar
12:00pm, BSLC 001
Ilana Witten, PhD
Host: David Freedman

April 6th: Pediatrics Department Seminar
4:00pm, Comer Children’s Hospital, Room K-160C
William Gaillard, MD (Children’s National Health System):  “Imaging Plasticity of Cognitive Networks During Development”

April 10th: Student Talks
12:00pm, 5812 S. Ellis, P-403

April 11th: Postdoc Seminar
12:30pm, 5812 S. Ellis, P-403

April 12th: Carlson Symposium
1:30pm, KCBD 1103

Eve Marder, PhD (Brandeis University): “Neuromodulation, degeneracy, and homeostasis in neurons and networks”

Brian Wandell, PhD (Stanford University): “Neural circuitry for vision and reading”

Catherine Woolley, PhD (Northwestern University): “Neurosteroid estrogens and seizures”

Michael Stryker, PhD (University of California, San Francisco): “A neural circuit that regulates cortical state and enhances plasticity”