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Upcoming Events

Special CNS Seminar
May 10th: 12:30pm, BSLC 001
Catherine A. Schevon, M.D., Ph.D (Columbia University Medical Center) “Seizure focus or epileptic network? Insights from human and model studies” Hosted by: Wim van Drongelen, Ph.D.

Jack Cowan’s 50 Year Celebration
May 11th: 11:30am, KCBD 1103
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Student Talk
May 14th:12:30pm, P-403
Victoria Okuneye (Keedy Laboratory) “Investigating the Prediction Error Neural Network in Psychosis and its Relationship with Delusions”.

Mind and Brain Public Lecture
May 14th: 5:00pm, Chicago Cultural Center (Claudia Cassidy Theater)
Carla J. Shatz, PhD (Stanford University)
“Saving the Synapse: Synapse Lost and Found in brain development and Alzheimer’s”
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Neurobiology of Disease
May 16th: 5:30pm, SBRI J-400C
“Epilepsy” Faculty speakers: Naoum Issa, MD PhD (Neurology) &  Wim Van Drongelen, PhD (Pediatrics, Neurology & Computational Neuroscience) Introduced by CON student Shivang Sullere

Thesis Defense
May 18th: 10:00am, KCBD 1103
Joseph Dechery (MacLean Laboratory) “Describing variability in neocortical microcircuit
dynamics with multineuronal spike patterns and functional networks”

The Third Coast Workshop on Biological Cryo-EM
May 19th: Gordon Center for Integrative Science (W301)
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Candidate for Membership on the Committees of Neurobiology and Computational Neuroscience
May 22nd: 12:30pm, BSLC 115
Matt Kaufman PhD
Hosted by Dave Freedman Lab

CNS Seminar
May 24th: 12:30pm, BSLC 001
Nelson Spruston, Ph.D (Howard Hughes Medical Institute) “Deconstructing memory circuits at
cell type-specific resolution” Hosted by: Mark Sheffield, PhD

Thesis Defense
May 25th: 10:00am, KCBD 1103
Joseph Lombardo (Palmer Laboratory) “Effects of structured variability and temporal
heterogeneity on the cortical code for motion direction”

CNS Seminar
May 31st: 12:30pm, BSLC 001
Catharine Winstanley, Ph.D (The University of British Columbia) “Cued up for addiction: animal models of risky decision
making and addiction vulnerability” Hosted by: Harriett de Wit, PhD

Student Talk
June 4th:12:30pm, P-403
Julian Day-Cooney (Maunsell Laboratory) “Which Spikes Drive Perception? Using Optogenetic Inhibition to Reveal The Weighting of Spikes in Visual Cortex”.
Minsu Yoo (Sherman Laboratory) “Cortico-cortical information transfer between primary and secondary visual cortical areas in the mouse”.

Motor Systems Journal Club
June 4th: 5:00pm, P-403

CNS Seminar
June 7th: 12:30pm, BSLC 001
Bryon Yu, Ph.D (Carnegie Mellon University) “Brain-computer interfaces for basic science”” Hosted by: Maayan Levy, PhD