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Chicago SFN Annual Meeting
March 23rd, Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Peggy Mason, PhD (University of Chicago)”The Neurobiology of Helping: Lessons from Order Rodentia”

Doris Wu, PhD (NIDCD) “The Making of the Inner Ear”

Sean Hill, PhD (EPFL) “Neuroinformatics and the Multiscale Brain: from genes to brain states beyond”

Neuroscience Diversity Discussion
March 26th: 12:30pm, Grossman Institute P-403
Tobias Spears (Director of Diversity Initiatives, BSD Office of Diversity & Inclusion)
“Implicit Bias: A primer”
Lunch served, please RSVP

CNS Seminar
March 29th: 12:30pm, BLSC 001
Marcos Sotomayor, PhD (Ohio State University) “Inner-Ear Sensory Perception and Brain Wiring Enabled by Exceptional Cadherins”
Hosted by, Ruth Anne Eatock & Eduardo Perozo

2018 Carlson Symposium on Neuroscience
April 11th: 1:30pm, KCBD 1103
Motor Circuits in Health and Disease
Hosted by Sangram Sisodia and Paschalis Kratsios

NIDA Training Grant Seminar Series
April 13th: 12:30pm, BSLC 115
Terry E. Robinson, PhD, DSc (Hon) (University of Michigan) “Rush to Reductionism: Lessons from Studies on the Psychology and Neurobiology of Addiction”
Hosted by Harriett DeWitt