Below are upcoming events and announcements for the UChicago Neuroscience Community. For additional information please visit the UChicago Neuroscience website.


Grossman Institute Seminar
February 23rd: 12:00pm, BSLC 115
David Schneider, PhD (Duke University): “Neural Circuits for making Predictions”

Student Talks
February 20th: 12:00pm, 5812 S. Ellis, P-403
Alex Lee (Committee on Computational Neuroscience, Hatsopoulos Lab): “Cortico-cortical connections between the primary motor and somatosensory cortical areas in the macaque”
Elizabeth Lee (Committee on Neurobiology, Bezanilla Lab): “Biophysical characterization of genetically encoded voltage indicator ASAP1”Neuroscience Social
February 24th: 5:00pm, 5812 S. Ellis, J-400C
Hosted by the London Lab

Committee on Computational Neuroscience Seminar
March 2nd: 12:00pm, BSLC, 001
Leah Krubitzer, PhD (Center for Neuroscience, University of California – Davis): “Cortical Plasticity within and Across Lifetimes”
Hosted by Sliman Bensmaia, PhD

Carlson Symposium – April 12th

Chicago Symposium on Translational Neuroscience – TBA

Mind & Brain Public Lecture – May 15th

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