Committee on Computational Neuroscience Faculty

FACULTYNameLASTDiseaseBehavior CognitiveCellular MolecularSystems CircuitsDevelopment PlasticityComputationalRESEARCH INTEREST
YaliYali AmitAmitCNSComputer Vision, Speech Recognition
Edward AwhEdward AwhAwhBCSCCognitive and neural models of memory and attention in the human brain
SlimanSliman BensmaiaBensmaiaBCSCCNSNeural Basis of perception
BironDavid BironBironBCCMSCDPSleep-like behavior and neuroscience of C. elegans
SCacioppoStephanie Cacioppo CacioppoDBCSCCNSElectrical Neuroimaging, Mirror Neuron System, Social and Medical Neuroscience, NeuroBiomarkers of NeuroPsychiatric Disorders
Jack CowanJack CowanCowanCNSInvestigating neural mechanisms underlying large-scale brain activity using advanced mathematics and theoretical physics
EatockRuth Anne Eatock EatockCMSCSensory signaling by hair cells and neurons in the inner ear
ebersole_johnJohn Ebersole Ebersole
David FreedmanDavid FreedmanFreedmanBCSCCNSBrain mechanisms of visual recognition and decision making
goldsmithJohn GoldsmithGoldsmith
Melina HaleMelina HaleHaleBCCMSCMotor control and movement, sensorimotor integration
HanckDorothy HanckHanckCMIon channel biophysics and pharmacology
Christian HanselChristian HanselHanselCMSCDPLearning and memory mechanisms in neural circuits
Nicolas HatsopoulosNicholas Hatsopoulos HatsopoulosBCSCCNSCortical basis of motor control. Brain-machine interfaces
kasthuriBobby KasthuriKasthuri

Matthew Kaufman
Cortical circuit dynamics in decision making and motor control
KayLeslie KayKayBCSCBehavioral Neurophysiology of olfaction
KraigRichard Kraig KraigDCMSCDPEnvironmental enrichment-based neuroprotection, exosomes, and development of related therapeutics
Jason MacLeanJason MacLeanMacLeanCMSCDPCNSCortical circuitry and dynamics
margoliashDaniel Margoliash MargoliashBCSCCNSBehavioral Neurobiology. Learning and Memory. Sleep
John MaunsellJohn Maunsell MaunsellBCSCCNSNeuronal Mechanisms of Vision and Attention
mcclintockMartha McClintock McClintockBC
Howard NusbaumHoward Nusbaum NusbaumBCSCCNSSpoken language processing, perceptual learning, sleep, attention and neuroeconomics
Stephanie PalmerStephanie Palmer PalmerBCSCCNSTheoretical and CNS. Sensory coding in vision, sensorimotor learning and behavior
Eduardo PerozoEduardo Perozo PerozoCMStructure, function and dynamics of ion channels
prendergastBrian Prendergast PrendergastBCCMSCBiological rhythyms in behavior, behavioral neuroendocrinology, psychoneuroimmunology
SheffieldMark Sheffield SheffieldCNS
SMurray Sherman ShermanBCCMSCThalamocortical functions
Leo TowleLeo Towle TowleDBCSCCNSNon-invasive speech mapping of cortex. Cortical networks of verbal memory. Effects of epilepsy on language network
Win Van DrongelenWim van Drongelen van DrongelenDBCSCCNSEpilepsy Research
Edward VogelEdward VogelVogelBCCapacity limits of memory and attention using psychophysics and electrophysiology in humans
WeiWei WeiWeiBCCMSCDPDevelopment and function of the neuronal circuits in the retina
XiaoxiXiaoxi ZhuangZhuangDBCCMSCDopaminergic modulation of information processing in the basal ganglia in motor and motivated behaviors