The National Center of Brain Mapping (NCBM) is proud to sponsor Neurostorm Hackathon which will take place at the Marine Biological Labs in Woods Hole, MA this October 24-27.

The NCBM is focused around a larger initiative to counteract the widening gap between the small fraction of laboratories developing and utilizing the most recent technology and the remaining majority of neuroscientists. At this hackathon we aim to expand upon collaborators efforts towards global and accessible neuroscience.

We will demonstrate successful commitments made at a June hackathon in Baltimore, plan next steps and collaborations, and begin developing solutions to highlighted problems as a group. This hackathon will bring together PIs, trainees, industry members, funders, nonprofit leaders, and others, towards establishing a unified front in the democratization of neuroscience through the development and collection of scientific tools and data. The hackathon will focus on performing accessible and scalable neuroscience; namely, building and unifying methods for moving, handling, and processing large neuroimaging data in the cloud. Specific image modalities and datasets will include: MRI, X-Ray tomography, automated serial electron microscopy (A-SEM), and functional imaging methods at both the nano- (fluorescent calcium imaging) and macro-scales (EEG). The hackathon is targeted towards scientists that are creating code already for these tasks in their local labs, and wish to bridge gaps in the accessibility or reproducibility of their methods or develop solutions to these problems with others.  Specifically, the hackathon attendees will require familiarity with Docker/Singularity, and have an eagerness and ability to collaborate for an extended period of time beyond the hackathon as a prerequisite.

As space is limited, We ask you to nominate a member from your lab (yourself or otherwise) to join us. Lodging and meals will be covered for attendees, though we will not cover travel expenses. If you have a strong desire to attend but are in need of financial aid, please reach out to us as we will address this on a case-by-case basis.

Submissions will be addressed on a first-come-first-serve basis.