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How do I register for a research elective?  

First make sure you know which elective you'll need. If you're a BS student, you'll need a minimum of 1 quarter (and a maximum of 3 quarters) of the NSCI 29100* series. For BA students, you'll need 1 quarter of NSCI 29700.

To register, obtain a "Reading & Research form" (R&R) from a student advisor and fill it out with thesis course 29100/29700. Be sure to include a description of the research you'll be doing and have a faculty mentor (P.I.) sign off on the R&R form. Submit the form to the Grossman Institute reception desk and NSCI administration will review and approve. If approved, you can pick up the completed form from the Institute and submit it to the Registrar’s Office.  

*NSCI 2910X must have a new form filled out and approved for every quarter of research a student enrolls in. 

I am a BS student but want to take NSCI 29700 research elective. Can I register? 

Nope. Only BA students are able to register for NSCI 29700. BS students must register for NSCI 29100 series. 

How do i find a research lab?

Great question! You'll definitely need to figure out whose lab you'll want to do research in before registering for any research electives or applying for any internships or fellowships - check out this helpful guide for more details.

I’m thinking of making a career change into Neuroscience, who can I talk to? 

You can email or come to the quarterly advising meetings. You can also set up one-on-one time with with a senior advisor by scheduling time with them through this advising calendar.

Can I get paid for tech work while in a lab when I am enrolled in a research elective? 

There is a strict rule that you can either receive credit for research or get paid for research. Not both. If you're being paid for work in the same lab that you're doing thesis work, you must suspend the paid position while you're enrolled in Neuroscience Thesis Research. 

How do i get to the institute?

This is an easy one - We're located at 5812 South Ellis avenue. Just head up to the 4th floor, turn left out of the elevators, and look for Suite P-400. If you have any trouble, just give us a call @ 773.702.9802.