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The Neuroscience Institute Postdoc Seminar Series

The Neuroscience Institute has reintroduced the University of Chicago neuroscience postdoc seminar series. The postdoc seminar series is a forum that strives to bring together the neuroscience faculty, students, and fellow postdocs. Presenting postdocs have the opportunity to receive valuable and constructive feedback on their presentations.
This series has been created to provide a beneficial  platform for neuroscience postdocs to gain additional insight into their research. Formatting for the postdoc seminar series is flexible and may include new findings, published research feedback, chalk talks, project planning feedback, job talks, and more. We encourage you to signup for our weekly Synapse to keep up with upcoming Postdoc seminar presentations. 

Upcoming Postdoc Seminar

Friday, January 15th at 3pm
Omid Kardan
Omid Kardan, PhD
The Department of Psychology
Rosenberg Lab
"Characterizing attention and working memory in development with fMRI functional connectivity"


The University of Chicago Rising Stars in Neuroscience Seminar Series

We are hosting a new seminar series that will highlight the exciting work of external postdoctoral scholars in our worldwide community. Our virtual series gives us the opportunity to hear from younger scientists before they have their first position as independent researchers. We invite postdoctoral scholars and even senior graduate students to apply for a slot in our 2020-2021 series. We will have three Rising Star talks, on December 11th, March 19th, and June 18th. Scholars can use this opportunity to practice their “job talks”, to highlight their newest and most exciting results, and have the option to share their recorded talk with the general public via our institute website.

All of the talks will be online and synchronous with the local UChicago neuroscience community at 3pm via zoom. The speaker will have a roundtable discussion with faculty, students, and postdocs here in the UChicago community after their seminar, and has the option to setup additional one-on-one meetings with our neuroscientists. If desired, detailed feedback on the presentation will be provided to the speaker.

Required Application Documents

300-word Research Highlight
Current Paper or Pre-print or Poster Recommendation Letter
The Deadline to Apply for the March 19th, 2021 Talk is February 19th, 2021

Submit Your Application Documents Here

Upcoming Rising Star Seminar Series

Friday, December 11th at 3pm
Mark Wagner, PhD
Mark Wagner, PhD
Liqun Luo Lab
Stanford University
"Learning in neocortex-cerebellum circuits" 

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