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Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash
March 11th, 2019 | 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.
BSLC 008

924 E 57th St
Chicago, IL 60637
United States



March 11th: BSLC 008
Meera Patel (CON, Zhuang Lab)
Yinan Li (CON, Kratsios Lab) "Molecular Mechanisms of Motor Neuron Diversity in C. elegans”

March 18th: BSLC 008
Elisa Pabon (CON, De Wit Lab)
Joe Park (CON, Özkan Lab)

April 8th: BSLC 205
Jen Ding (CON, Wei Lab) "Retinal Direction-Selective Responses to Occluded Motion"
Maayan Levy (CNS, MacLean Lab) "Functional Groups in Mouse V1"

April 15th: BSLC 205
Jeff Johnston (CNS, Freedman Lab)
Peter Malonis (CNS, Maclean Lab)

April 22nd: BSLC 205
A.J. Miller (CON, Sherman Lab) "Higher-Order Thalamic Input to Sensory Cortex"
Lindsay Huang (CON, Wei Lab)

April 29th: BSLC 205
Can Dong (CON, Sheffield Lab) "The Dynamics and Mechanism of Place Field Formation in Hippocampal CA3"
Dan Gill (CON, Hansel Lab)

May 6th: BSLC 205
Nelson Medina (CON, Margoliash Lab) "Uncovering the Contribution of Neuronal Intrinsic Excitability to Complex Learned Behavior"
Barbara Peysakhovich (CNS, Freedman Lab)

May 13th: BSLC 205
Hanyu Li (CNS, Kasthuri Lab) "A Connectomic View of Developing Mouse V1"
Wei Liang (CNS, Hatsopoulos Lab) "Extracting Dynamic Modes from the Motor Cortex"

May 20th: BSLC 205
Liza Okorokova (CNS, Bensmaia Lab) "Neural Basis of Haptic Perception"
Aneesha Suresh (CNS, Bensmaia Lab) "Population Dynamics Underlying Reach and Grasp"

June 3rd: BSLC 205
Gabrielle Watkins (CON, Hansel Lab) "Modulation of Intrinsic Plasticity Expression in Cerebellar Purkinje Cells"
Graham Smith (CNS, Cowan Lab) "Traveling Waves in Large-Scale Neural Activity"

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