Neuroscience at The University of Chicago

A Collaborative & Interdisciplinary Approach

Research in neuroscience at The University of Chicago spans a diverse range of topics and techniques from molecules and cells to neural circuits and behavior. Our community of neuroscientists is composed of over 75 faculty members across more than seven academic and clinical departments, all of which are located on the Hyde Park campus — a key feature of our institution which facilitates interactions among researchers and scholars with diverse interests, backgrounds and approaches. Our faculty, students, and postdoctoral researchers are engaged in uncovering the principles by which the nervous system is organized, mechanisms of perception and behavior, and are paving the way for the next generation of treatments for neurological disease and mental illness.

Research & News

Neuroscience is an inherently multi-disciplinary endeavor and neuroscience research at the University of Chicago reflects that. While continuing to add to our core strengths in brain research, the Uof C has also taken an initiative to expand the neuroscience theory community on campus. In just this past year, four new faculty members have joined our community with diverse interests spanning the microscopic details of synaptic physiology to the macroscopic aspects of learning and development. These new faculty members have strengthened our alrea... [more]