Grossman Institute Shared Equipment

Below is a list of Grossman Institute funded research equipment that is accessible to any Grossman Institute member. All first time users must be trained by the listed contact or an approved associate before equipment use. To gain entry to faculties where equipment is housed, contact the listed PI.

Acknowledgement of Institute Support: People using the shared equipment are asked to acknowledge the support of the Grossman Institute in publications and reports.

Questions regarding shared equipment should be sent to the listed contact or

3i Lattice Light-Sheet Microscope
Contact: Vytas Bindokas
Facility: BSD Imaging Core

ChemiDoc MP Imager
Contact: David White
Facility: Neurology Core – SBRI J255

Kopf Model 962 Stereotaxic System
for use in AAV injection

Contact: Xiaoxi Zhuang
Facility: Carlson Barrier, JS047

Leica CM 3050S Cryostat Microtome
Contact: Xiaoxi Zhuang
Facility: BSLC R222

Mouse Behavior Core
Equipment includes: water maze, home cage scan,
open field boxes, digiGait
Contact: Xiaoxi Zhuang
Facility: Carlson Barrier, JS003

Thermo NX50 Cryostat
Contact: Sarah London
Facility: BPSB 302-304

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Device
Contact: Daniel Casasanto
Facility: Beecher Hall 310
This equipment will be available in Winter 2017