Undergraduate Major in Neuroscience


At the University of Chicago, there are several ways undergraduate students can incorporate coursework which spans the breadth of neuroscience, reflecting the interests of a large and diverse faculty in such research areas as neurodevelopment, synaptic physiology, cortical circuits, sensation, perception, motor function, reward and addiction, cognitive neuroscience, computational neuroscience, neural networks, machine learning, and the neurobiology of disease neuroscience into their academic experiences and careers. The new undergraduate neuroscience major offers a BA or BS in Neuroscience. Students may choose electives for breadth or focus on areas such as molecular or computational neuroscience. The Honors program involves a thesis based on significant experimental research.

Students are required to discuss curriculum goals and obtain approval for Neuroscience electives with the Neuroscience Major Director.  Students should fill out an approval form to be signed by the director before registration.

For more information visit the College Course Catalog.

Neuroscience Honors The honors program is centered around a piece of extended research conducted under the direction of a member of the neuroscience faculty. The Honors program starts with a full time paid research position during the summer between 3rd and 4th years.

Contact the Honors director for more information.