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Students can earn a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience by completing three quarters of Neuroscience elective courses over and above the BA requirements, which must include one to three quarters of faculty-supervised research that results in a written thesis (NSCI 29100 Neuroscience Thesis Research, NSCI 29101 Neuroscience Thesis Research, NSCI 29102 Neuroscience Thesis Research). The additional courses and the thesis work require approval by the office of the director of undergraduate studies and the thesis advisor. The thesis may be either research-based or literature-based. 

The written thesis must be in the format of a journal article (e.g. J. Neurosci). The length of this thesis is as long as needed in order to properly tell the story of the research. The thesis needs to be submitted to the PI and Director of Undergraduate Studies for review and final grading prior to Friday of the 9th week of the spring quarter of the student’s graduating year. For all quarters of research intended to fulfill the B.S. research requirement, all students must register in advance for NSCI 291XX series. Reading courses will not count and students cannot retroactively change the course's designation. Please reach out to Stephanie Thomas, Undergraduate administrator, Neuroscience Institute, P-421, for access to the appropriate registration forms.  

Receiving Credit for a Bachelor of Science

Receiving the BS degree rests on three accomplishments:  

  1. A total of 10 electives (including 1-3 quarters of experimental or scholarly research) 
  2. Good, serious work in the lab with satisfactory assessments from your PI  
  3. A well-written, passing thesis