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The course of study in the undergraduate major in neuroscience (NSCI) provides students with the background and skills appropriate to pursue a diverse set of careers.

These include established neuroscience career paths in academia, medicine, and the pharmaceutical industry as well as new emerging careers in economics, machine learning, and analytics, to name but a few.

career pathways graphic

*Neuroscience degree holders can explore a wide range of career options beyond the ones shown above. These are only a few examples based on the experience of some of our former students.




UChicago Career Advancement

Students enrolled in the Undergraduate Major in Neuroscience have access to a range of opportunities that will prepare them for a successful career.

The University of Chicago offers a career service that helps college students and recent alumni find fulfilling careers in their fields of interest.

In addition, they partner with employers of all locations and industries, ranging from neighborhood nonprofits to multinational corporations, to connect them with UChicago talent.

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