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Independent Research

Students have an opportunity to transform knowledge learned in the classroom into tangible skills and to experience science as an evolving truth by engaging in research. Under the supervision of Neuroscience faculty, students develop valuable scientific techniques and problem solving skills while learning to function independently in a laboratory setting.

Students can work in a laboratory setting through several mechanisms. Interested students should do online research, utilize the CCRF resource, and read faculty and lab web pages to get a sense of the kind of research being done on campus. They should then read recent articles from those labs they think they are most interested in. Undergraduates pursuing a BS or honors in Neuroscience will be required to complete experimental research within a laboratory setting. Inquiries for laboratory research can be made directly to faculty - here are some tips on how to get started.

Tips for finding a research mentor

Independent Research

College Center for Research and Fellowships

The College Center for Research and Fellowships (CCRF) supports students as they pursue transformative experiences through scholarly undergraduate research and nationally competitive fellowships.

CCRF provides high-impact advising to all undergraduates interested in pursuing scholarly research, including:

  • Assisting students in finding and applying to research opportunities at UChicago and beyond;
  • Helping students to find Faculty and research mentors;
  • Working with students to navigate and secure funding sources for their research; and
  • Encouraging and supporting students to present and publish their research.

Quarterly drop-in hours, scheduling an advising appointment, and other information can be found on the CCRF website.



It is only through directly experiencing

the joys and tribulations of the research process

that students can discover their own affinity for

and interest in laboratory work.

Research Library

Internships & Fellowships

Neuroscience research metcalf internship

Developmental Neurobiology undergraduate fellowship

Dmitry kondrashov quantitative biology fellowship

Neuroscience Internship at the college de france


Lunch with a Neuroscientist

Come learn about exciting research on campus!

Meet faculty members with diverse interests and get a chance to speak with them about their work. This is an opportunity to have a conversation about the big questions that keep these neuroscientists up at night. If you are interested in getting into neuroscience research, this is an excellent way to narrow down the type of approaches and topics that are particularly appealing.

Space is limited.
Check back in November for links to sign up.

lunch with neuroscientist