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Student Talk

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Chicago, IL 60637
United States


CON: Committee on Neurobiology
CNS: Computational Neuroscience

Student: AJ Miller, CON - Sherman Lab
Title: "Higher-Order Thalamic Inputs into Primary Sensory Cortex"


Student: Marie Rose Greaney, CON - Hecksher Lab
Title: "Imaging Single-muscle Activity in Maggots on the Move"


Student: Selina Baeza-Loya, CON - Eatock Lab
Title: "Sodium Current Diversity and Sensory Encoding in Vestibular Afferent Neurons"

Student: Thierri Callier, CNS - Bensmaia Lab
Title: "The Role of Microstimulation Frequency in Shaping Artificial Touch"
: Somin Lee, CON - Wim Van Drongelen
Title: "Redefining the Seizure Onset Zone: Infraslow
Activity & HFOs as Potential Markers of Epileptogenicity"
Student: Eshaan Rao, CON - Gomez Lab
Title:  "Calcium Channel-Embedded Transcription Factors Facilitate Direct Calcium Signalling"

Student: Jennifer Ding, CON - Wei Lab
Title: "Now You See Me, Now You Don’t: The Retinal Encoding of Interrupted and Occluded Motion"

Student: Wei Liang, CNS - Hatsopoulos Lab
Title: "Dynamic Movement Representation in the Primary Motor Cortex"
Student: Claire McKinnon, CNS - Sherman Lab
Title: "Direct and Transthalamic Pathways between
Primary and Secondary Visual Cortex"

Student: Peter Malonis, CNS - MacLean Lab
Title: "Population Representations across Timescales in Motor Cortex"

Student: Can Dong, CON - Sheffield Lab
Title: "Distinct Encoding of a Novel Environment
Experience in CA1 and CA3"

Student: Chad Michael Heer, CON - Sheffield Lab
Title: "Hippocampal Dopaminergic Inputs Signal Novelty and Reward Expectation"

Student: Julian Day-Cooney, CON - Maunsell Lab
Title: "A New Approach to Causal Manipulations of Perception"

Student: Graham Fetterman, CON - Margoliash Lab
Title: "Perturbing Auditory Feedback Impairs Motor Preparation in Zebra Finches"

Student: Maayan Levy, CNS - MacLean Lab
Title: "Generative Models, Decoding and Computation
with Functional Networks"


Student: Yinan Li, CON - Kratsios Lab
Title: "Establishment and Maintenance of Motor Neuron Diversity via Temporal Modularity in Terminal Selector Function"

Student: Brooke Miller, CON - Schwartz Lab
Title: "Measuring Glial Cell Responses in a Multifactorial Murine Model of Perinatal Brain Injury"

Student: Hanyu Li, CNS - Kasthuri Lab
Title: "Largescale Connectomics Reconstruction of Developing Mouse Cortex"

Student: Nelson Davis Medina, CON - Margoliash Lab
Title: "Relating Intrinsic Neuronal Properties to Behavior"

Student: Dalton Moore, CNS - Hatsopoulos Lab
Title: "Developing a Network Encoding Model for Natural Behavior in Motor Cortex of the Unconstrained Marmoset"

Student: Yuke Yan, CNS - Bensmaia Lab
Title: "Unexpected High Dimensionality in Everyday Hand Movements"

Student: Qinpu He, CNS - Bensmaia Lab
Title: "Suppression of Cutaneous Responses in the
Cuneate Nucleus of Macaques during Active Movement"

Student: Huan Xu, CON - Popko Lab
Title: "Understanding m6A mRNA Methylation's Role in CNS Myelination, Remyelination and Motor Learning"

Student: Caleb Scheffer Sponheim, CNS - Hatsopoulos
Title: “Evidence for Discrete Population States in Motor Cortex During Continuous Movement”

Student: Elizabeth Ann de Laittre, CNS - MacLean Lab
Title: "Functional Relationships in Mouse Motor Cortex during Dexterous Movements"

Student: Elisa Pabon, CON - De Wit Lab
Title: "Differential Female Response to Acute ∆9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)"

Student: Graham Smith, CNS - Cowan Lab
Title: "Manipulating Wave Propagation in Wilson-Cowan equations"

Student: Joseph Pak, CON - Özkan Lab
Title: "Robo3: A hub for nervous system complexity"


Student: Yuqing Zhu, CNS - MacLean Lab
Title: "Features of computation in spiking neural network models"

Student: Shivang Sullere, CON - McGehee Lab
Title: "Discovery of a Cholinergic Circuit that Relieves Pain"
Student: Zaina Zayyad, CNS - Maunsell/MacLean Lab
Title: "Divisive Normalization in Awake Mouse V1"

Student: Liza Okorokova, CNS - Bensmaia Lab
Title: "Invariant texture representation in a complete neural population"
: Barbara Peysakhovich, CNS - Freedman Lab
Title: "Investigating the neural mechanisms of learning to learn"

Student: Marina Sundiang, CNS - Hatsopoulos Lab
Title: "Dynamics of Functional Networks during Reaching"