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The principal distinctions between the BA and BS programs are enrollment in faculty supervised research and additional required neuroscience courses.

Students can earn a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience by completing all the requirements for the BA, plus and additional 3 elective courses that include 1-3 quarters of faculty-supervised neuroscience research as an elective course. The research elective must result in a written thesis at the end of the academic year in which it is taken. 

Students are encouraged to seek out laboratory experiences in their first and second years, but are only able to enroll in the research elective thesis course in third and fourth.

By the completion of the academic year that the student has enrolled in NSCI 2910X, the student will:

Write a thesis

present their work


Receiving the BS is contingent on committee approval of the thesis and poster.


Neuroscience Thesis Research

To successfully enroll in the BS thesis course, NSCI 29100, students must obtain a Reading and Research form from their student advisor and have their faculty mentor sign off on the proposed thesis work. This form needs to be submitted to the Neuroscience Major’s administrative office for approval of the thesis proposal. If approved, the form then needs to be taken to the College Advising reception desk in Harper Memorial Hall in order to be enrolled in the thesis course.

Sign and approved forms must be submitted by the 3rd week of the quarter that the student wishes to enroll in the course.

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