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Upcoming Events

For previously recorded events, please see our Recorded Seminars page.


Neuroscience Institute Neurobiology Seminar
October 6, 1:00pm
Takaki Komiyama, PhD
Professor and Vice Chair of Neurobiology
University of California at San Diego
"Motor cortex circuits for control of learned movements"

The Inaugural Coleman R. Seskind, MD Lecture
October 6, 4:00pm
Jack W. Szostak, PhD
Department of Chemistry and the College
Chief, Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology, VA Boston Healthcare System
"Why Did Biology Begin with RNA and Not Something Else?"
BSLC Room 115
To attend virtually via Zoom, please register here.

Neuroscience Seminar Series - CON
October 11th, 11:00am
Lauren O' Connell, PhD
Stanford University
"Lessons from poison frogs on ecological drivers of behavioral diversification"
KCBD 1103

Neuroscience Seminar Series
October 25th, 11:00am
Scott Linderman, PhD
Stanford University
"Latent States of Brains and Behavior"
KCBD 1103