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July 9th at 3:00pm
The Myth of Self-Correction: A discussion of Smaldino, P. E., & McElreath, R. (2016). The natural selection of bad science. Royal Society Open Science, 3(9), 160384.
Neuroscience Research Seminars
July 14th at 10:00am
Seetha Krishnan, PhD - Sheffield Lab, Department of Neurobiology
"Internal reward expectation helps remember external contexts"
July 16th at 3:00pm
Revisiting Analytical Flexibility: A discussion of Silberzahn, R., et al. (2018). Many analysts, one data set: Making transparent how variations in analytic choices affect results. Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science, 1(3), 337-356.
Neuroscience Research Seminars
July 21st at 10:00am
Gregg Wildenberg, PhD - Kasthuri Lab, Department of Neurobiology
"Effects of cocaine on dopamine neurons"
July 23rd at 3:00pm
Workshopping Reproducibility: A panel of our own early-career researchers will share experiences of reproducibility (or lack thereof) in their workflows and how they have since improved their current research practices.
Neuroscience Research Seminars
July 28th at 10:00am
Steve Shevell, PhD - Department of Psychology
"Neural representations for colors we see"
July 30th at 3:00pm
Workshopping Reproducibility: A discussion about scientific journals centered on the recent legal battle between SciHub and El$evier.


Neuroscience Research Seminars
Seminar for CON/CNS Membership
August 4th at 10:00am
Monica Rosenberg, PhD - Department of Psychology
"Characterizing attention with brain-based predictive models"
Neuroscience Research Seminars
August 11th at 10:00am
Wim van Drongelen, PhD - Department of Neurology
"The role of paroxysmal depolarization in propagation of seizures"
Neuroscience Research Seminars
August 18th at 10:00am
Tahra Eissa, PhD
Title TBA
Neuroscience Research Seminars
August 25th at 10:00am
Manoj Doss, PhD 
"The acute and enduring effects of hallucinogens on brain function and cognition"