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Members of the Neuroscience Institute are invited to apply for funds to support shared research equipment. Applications will be considered for equipment that will be shared by multiple full-time faculty members of the Institute. Preference will be given to supporting equipment that will serve many investigators, to requests from members in multiple departments, and to requests that have been arranged for cost-sharing. Funds will not be provided for equipment that serves primarily one member or equipment that could be readily purchased by an individual lab. Funds will not be provided for service contracts or salaries.

The Institute anticipates funding multiple applications in the current round, with most in the range of $25,000 to $75,000, and expects to call for applications again in the future. Equipment purchased through this mechanism must be made available to any interested member of the Institute.

Your request should include a 1-page description that identifies:

              1.  The equipment requested
              2.  The need that the equipment will fill
              3.  A list of members who will use the equipment and their expected level of use (light, moderate or extensive)
              4.  Where the equipment will be housed
              5.  How to access to the equipment will be granted
              6.  A plan for maintaining the equipment
              7.  Any arrangements for cost-sharing

Brief statements of interest from the listed members should be appended to the application, together with two quotes or a sole source justification.
Each application should identify one member who will handle correspondence related to the application be responsible for overseeing funding and reporting requirements. Applications should be submitted as a PDF file to and must be received by October 31, 2022.

Below are lists of Neuroscience Institute-funded research equipment that is accessible to any Neuroscience Institute member. All first-time users must be trained by the listed contact or an approved associate before equipment use. To gain entry to faculties where equipment is housed, contact the listed PI.

Acknowledgment of Institute Support: People using the shared equipment are asked to acknowledge the support of the Neuroscience Institute in publications and reports.

Questions regarding shared equipment should be sent to the listed contact or


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