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At the University of Chicago, there are several ways undergraduate students can incorporate coursework which spans the breadth of neuroscience, reflecting the interests of a large and diverse faculty in such research areas as neurodevelopment, synaptic physiology, cortical circuits, sensation, perception, motor function, reward and addiction, cognitive neuroscience, computational neuroscience, neural networks, machine learning, and the neurobiology of disease neuroscience into their academic experiences and careers.

The new undergraduate neuroscience major offers a BA or BS in Neuroscience. Students may choose electives for breadth or focus on areas such as molecular or computational neuroscience. The Honors program involves a thesis based on significant experimental research.

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Study Abroad in Paris
Neuroscience Students Studying Abroad in Paris

Study neuroscience at University of Chicago’s Center in Paris during the fall quarter. Neuroscience majors are encouraged to apply.

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Neuroscience Lunches and Teas

Lunch with a Neuroscientist

Tea with the Undergraduate Major Director

Journal Clubs

For those of you who just can’t get enough neuroscience, consider joining a journal club. Two new journal clubs oriented specifically for undergraduate Neuroscience majors are starting up and two established journal clubs are open to more undergraduate members. Below is the information. Please email the contacts directly if you want to join.



Computational Approaches to Cognitive Neuroscience


The Think Tank

TTT is a mobile neuroscience lab, powered by UChicago to accelerate diversity in STEM. Using a multifaceted strategy, TTT engages not only students but also their teachers and families to accomplish their mission of creating a scientific community that reflects the diversity found on our city’s streets. To find out more about this program and how to get involved check out The Think Tank for more information.

The NEURO Club

The Neuroscience Education, Undergraduate Research & Outreach (NEURO) Club is a Registered Student Organization (RSO) at the University of Chicago centered around those interested in the field of Neuroscience and educating the on-campus and surrounding community about Neuroscience. To find out more about this club and how to get involved The Neuro Club for more information.