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CMND Symposium title


Claire LePichon, PhD
Principal Investigator at NIH

Claire le PichonDr. Le Pichon earned her B.A. degree from Cambridge University and her Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from Columbia University in 2007. After her PhD, she joined the Translational Neuroscience group at Genentech, where she worked on preclinical drug development for neurodegenerative disease pipeline targets. She was invited as an Investigator to the NICHD in 2016. Her lab employs a multidisciplinary approach including mouse genetics, wide-scale imaging of whole cleared tissues, single cell sequencing, and iPSC-derived neurons to investigate the early events underlying the onset and progression of neurodegenerative disease.

Evangelos Kiskinis, PhD
AssOCIATE Professor at Northwestern University

Evangelos KiskinisDr. Kiskinis earned his PhD from Imperial College London, UK, in 2008. After his PhD, he trained as a postdoctoral fellow in Kevin Eggan's lab at Harvard University. His research is focused on addressing fundamental aspects of the biology of human neurons in the context of physiological conditions and in the context of disease. They have two clinical interests, motor neuron disease and epileptic channelopathies. They utilize patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cells and direct reprogramming methods to generate different neuronal subtypes implicated in these diseases. 


1:30 pm | Introduction

1:35 pm | Claire LePichon, PhD (NIH)
“From axon damage to disease: common mechanisms in neurodegeneration”

2:30 pm | Cassandra Hayne, PhD (UChicago BMB)
“Characterization of motor neuron disease-linked protein mutations using biochemistry”

2:45 pm | Yoshifumi Sonobe, PhD (Roos Lab)
“Modeling sporadic ALS in vitro”

3:00 pm | Nidhi Sharma, PhD (Kratsios Lab)
“Decoding antisense CCCCGG repeat toxicity in in-vivo model of C9ORF72 ALS/FTD”

3:15 - 3:35 pm | Coffee Break

3:35 pm | Zhuoyue Shi, PhD (Zhuang Lab)
“Does m6A mRNA methylation protect against or contribute to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis?”

3:40 pm | Xiangbin Ruan, PhD (Zhang Lab)
“AGE-seq: Illuminating RNA-Protein Interactions in Neurodegeneration”

3:50 pm | Evangelos Kiskinis, PhD (Northwestern University)
“Refining TDP-43-dependent disease mechanisms and therapeutic approaches in ALS by the use of human iPSC models”

4:45 pm | Conclusion

5:00 pm | Poster Session and Reception


Gabriel Carmona Rosas, PhD (Hayne Lab)
"Structural characterization of a Motor-Neuron Disease related protein complex"

Jerry Lee (Lee Lab)
"Investigating the potential roles of RNA granules in ALS/FTD pathogenesis with GGGGCC repeat expansion of C9ORF72"

Theron Russell, PhD (Green Lab)
"Imaging synaptosome organelles and proteins to assay neurodegeneration at synapses"

Xiangbin Ruan, PhD (Zhang Lab)
"AGE-seq: Antibody-guided RNA editing and sequencing to identify RNA-binding protein targets"

Zicheng Wang (He Lab)
"Computational discovery of risk variants and genes of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis"

Zhuoyue Shi, PhD (Zhuang Lab)
"Does m6A mRNA methylation protect against or contribute to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis?"

Kay LaPre (Kratsios/Roos Labs)
"PIE-sequencing RNA Binding Proteins Associated with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis​"

Konstantinos Tsioras, PhD (Kratsios Lab)
"Modeling a neurodevelopmental syndrome and C9ORF72 neurodegeneration with human ESC and iPSC technology"

Mira Antonopoulos (Kratsios Lab)
"Antisense oligonucleotide-mediated reduction of toxic protein expression in C9ORF72 ALS/FTD"